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The Last breath!

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4th Nov 2017

When i told myself to be creative, one of the meanings behind this prognosis was to use props that we currently own to create authentic representations of our works! 
Shooting with Romijn was an exciting adventure because we had a home studio setup, one speed light & LED light with color gels placed on one or both depending on the desired style on the Nifty Fifty (50mm f1.8) Lens. We shot these in 2days for 5hours each day!
MODEL: Romijn Alexander Enninful
ABoUT: 6'3 Ghanian athlete & Avid Vaper.


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Music, an art of infinitive work of production.
Take 'JVERN' from 'BLANCC State' for example, his Wavy Soul, Raw Rhythmic Rap, and Groovy Vibez are pure and defined to his style, but still blend in with todays Hip-Hop Scene. A name to remember, a style to love and tunes to Repeat.
Listen to his hit single through the link below and Click the image to see the shoot we did with him.
About: J-Vern AKA Many Mania is an up and coming rapper/singer Born in Maryland but stationed in Shanghai where his first Mixtape 'Dusty City' featuring members of 'Blancc State' will be debuted. 
JVERN - My Mind

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We had a box full of smoke bombs, found a blunt scene and epic models. The results....? Well, Check'em out for yourself.

Model: Kim Meow (Left) & Isabella Marting (Right)

About: Kim-Colombian & Chinese Nationality- (Left) & Isabella-Colombian Nationality- (Right) graduated with a Bachelors in Business Admin with Chinese Language, but also divide their expertise in the Fashion & Lifestyle Industry through their soon-to-launch youtube channel.