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Blumen Blossoms In Berlin

With Amanda ‘KAYYCA’ Lopez Moreno

19th April, 2017

Paris is always Paris, but Berlin is never Berlin
~Jack Lang, Former Culture Minister of France~

As spring rolls by, Berlin’s alluring side flowers out and the astounding city uncovers its ‘sexy’ and sensual glamour of nature. We went out to find a beautiful location filled with Cherry Blossom Trees.

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SF + Nike Training Club

with Sara Ferrara

16th May, 2017
Breaking barriers with Sara Ferrara! It’s easy to have goals, tasks, and a motive, but the real decider is how much are you doing to achieve your goal.
We collaborated with Sara.f who is training with the Nike training Club to indulge ourselves in our new theme of Movement & Flow.

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Straights & Curls

with Milimo Hamane

Here’s Part 2 of the series….
This time through a couple clicks and Dm’s, we got a hold of Milimo Hamane. A young athletic and enthusiastic Individual built with a lot of charisma and confidence. With some modeling experience, this shoot was nothing but a fun breeze. Click here, click there and we made magic. This shoots theme was inspired by your daily Pinterest styles. Quick Tip: Use Pinterest whenever you’re stuck of ideas. We use it ALL THE TIME!

”All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original. Its right there in the bible, “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)”
~Austin Kleon~

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Straights & Curls

with Beliya Ndlovu

Drum Roll…..
Straights & Curls, What is it all about and why is it what it is?
The title says it all, its a photo series of Afrocentric Hairstyles in their utmost natural form. As we moved from Shanghai, to Lusaka Zambia, we needed a Bang of a theme to break market and introduce ourselves to the creative community. What better way to embrace the ballyhoo of Melanins flexing their complexion and Curls? Click the button to see more from this Shoot with Lusaka’s Social media entrepreneur ‘Beliya Ndlovu’.

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